Barracks Trestle Table

Barracks Trestle Table
Barrack-trestle-orig2.jpg Barrack-trestle-leg-orig-5.jpg

The trestle is one of the earliest table forms and is often associated with large thick slabs of timber. Our Barracks trestle dining table, so called as the timber originally came from an army barracks, is an impressive table with its substantial top and sturdy base. There is handcrafted detail which, in keeping with the work like nature of the design, is exposed, so that you see the slip dove-tail where the top of the trestle slides into the underside of table top. (This also allows the timber to move in the changing humidity of its environment.) The bottom stretcher of the trestle also has a nice detail where you can see the end grain of the through tenon.

Additonally you can move the trestle to change the placement of chairs.


We make trestle tables using antique boards of Douglas Fir, recycled Painters Ply Planks, Aged Oak and weathered hardwoods.


Hardened shellac & wax, oil or varnish.


Finer proportioned trestle tables can be made for smaller spaces in any of our other timbers.