Cross Base Pedestal Dining Table

Cross Base Pedestal Dining Table
Cherrywood-sideview-2.jpg Legsdetail-3.jpg PanelledCherrywood-4.jpg CornerDetailCherryXbase-5.jpg Cherrywooddetail6.jpg EdgeDetail-7.jpg CrossBase_7146.jpg CrossBase_7147.jpg CrossBase_7141.jpg CherrywoodCrossBase1.jpg

A substantial dining table for large gatherings. The thick top and cross pedestal base gives the table a weight and importance suited to expansive rooms.

American oak is usually the timber of choice for this table where the dark stain and the aged finish suits well with the strong and open grain. The top is richly finished with many coats of stain, ink and polish and finally buffed with two different types of wax to give a rich and layered effect.

This custom made pedestal dininig table also comes in our Bone Oak finish, where similar finishing techniques result in a light bleached oak look.

The pedestal dining table pictured is 3.0 metres long and 1.1 metres wide allowing 12 people to dine in comfort and in any configuration with easy seating right to the corners.

For extra seating extensions of 600mm can be added to either end. Two extra people per extension can be seated.

Price for this example is $15,970 and the extensions are $3,290 for two.

Available Timber

  • Aged Oak
  • Aged Cherry




2400mm x 800mm up to 4000mm x 1200mm plus extensions