Kauri Panelled Extension Dining Table

Kauri Panelled Extension Dining Table
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Kauri pine flooring that has been laid down over 100years ago develops a lovely patina with a golden tone and its fine grain is enhanced by the marks of history

In this table we use the four-inch antique kauri boards by incorporating them into a panelled design, which particularly suits an extending style of table. The panels are made to a similar size as the extension leaves which when pulled out join to be one seamless top.

The mechanism is expertly crafted so that the tables are easy to extend and can be done by one person. If a crowd turns up unexpectedlly it can even be done after the main table has been laid.

The table is hand-finished in a hard polish, this is a natural shellac to which a hardener has been added so that alcohol and water and hot or cold items do not cause the polish to become cloudy or bloom. Liberon fine paste wax is the final step adding a further layer of protection.

We make these in sizes from six seaters, that extend to ten, to fourteen seaters that can extend to eighteen. Prices start from $9,835.

Available Timber

  • Antique Kauri
  • Vintage Blackbutt
  • Aged Blackbutt
  • Aged Oak


Hardened Shellac and Wax


Custom made to any size