Custom made Dining Tables, Chairs, Sofas and more by Original Finish



Our tables are beautifully hand-crafted in rare and richly patinated timbers such as 19th C Kauri, Spotted Gum and wide old Blackbutt. Also other fine table timers such as Black Walnut, White Oak and Tasmanian Blackwood.



We have a fine range of dining chairs with an exclusive selection of high quality, hard wearing fabrics and beautiful timbers.

A wide variety of dining chairs are available, from plush upholstered models to award winning solid wood designer dining chairs.



We have an exquisite selection of sofas, custom made to size with an extensive selection of beautiful fabrics to choose from.

Our sofas are meticulously crafted and upholstered to ensure absolute comfort, style and durability.

News From Our Workshop

14th June 2016

Tables Available Now

Our beautiful range of available floor stock dining tables are discounted by 10% and are ready for immediate delivery.
3rd May 2016

Custom Made Executive Desk

Our talented craftsman have recently completed a beautiful chequerboard custom made executive desk. Constructed from Cherrywood, Oak and Sycamore, the end result looks stunning.
25th February 2016

What is Genuine Leather?

Unfortunately many people are mis-sold when purchasing a leather chair or couch, thinking its genuine leather and then noticing that it starts to peel! Genuine leather will not peel, even after many years of wear.

Our Historic Showroom

We’re open Tue-Fri 11am to 5pm, Sat 10am to 3pm (or by appointment), you can find us in our beautiful, historic workshop at 105 Wilson Street, Newtown, Sydney.