Furniture Restoration

Furniture Restoration
dining table restoration
Edwardian mahogany extension table was stripped, dark stained and repolished to suit a contemporary interior


We provide sympathetic restoration and conservation that restores and enhances the value of furniture retaining the original patination and integrity of the furniture.

Over time timber furniture can be damaged by atmospheres that are too humid or too dry, and in order to restore items we may need to widen panels where they have shrunk away, replace or repair veneer, make new or refit beading, repair cracks with butterfly joints, glue cracks as well as infill cracks with timber.

The original polish may need to be revived and cleaned and then rewaxed.

Restoration may involve a simple revive and rewax of the polish or complete restoration.

antique chair restoration
Walnut Dining Chairs Before & After

Chair Restoration

We repair antique, vintage and modern chairs by re-gluing loose joints, replacing legs or rails and repairing and repolishing surfaces.

We can hand cane chair seats and backs.

In this example of the two walnut dining chairs we have replaced a missing back rail and turned new leg rails. The chair was then sympathetically restored and polished to match its pair

Repurposing of Furniture

We re-size tables, retro-fit extensions, re-make dining tables to side tables or add drawers in addition to re-finishing. Heat and water damaged surfaces can be repaired, sometimes on site otherwise we bring them to the workshop to redo.

Home Service

We offer a home cleaning and waxing service to rejuvenate your furniture.

Modern Furniture

Mid century and modern furniture also repaired and repolished including lacquer, varnish and oil finishes.

Veneer Replacement

We replace and repair missing veneer on furniture and repolish to match the surrounding timber.