Custom Designed Dining Tables, Sidetables and Sofas

Custom Designed Dining Tables, Sidetables and Sofas
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Design your own Dining Tables, Chairs, Sofas and more

Most of our work is custom designed as our evergreen ‘standards’ are often modified to fit your needs. The great advantage is that you get what you want, and have the satisfaction of being part of the design process. It can be as simple as saying I’d like that timber top with that base over there, and make it to suit 8 people please. Or you may have been inspired by an idea and would like us to interpret it for you.

When you want a particular piece of furniture made we discuss with you its specific requirements such as use and size, colour and texture and then incorporate all the elements to create a piece that is both elegant and functional.

If you are unsure about the design process we are more than happy to have an informal discussion to help you decide which direction to take.