Remedial work on our historic building

Remedial work on our historic building
3rd February 2015
Original Finish building

Time for some much needed building maintenance...

Our beautiful historic building which dates back to the 1800's requires a little TLC this week as we strengthen up some very old walls. We love the building and its history, it creates the perfect environment for our craftsmen to make beautiful unique furniture pieces. Its nice to give something back to building, ensuring it will last for another 100 years.

Derek Pittman, a Heritage Bricklayer, is starting work on the South west wall adjoining our neighbours property. Work involved is to strengthen the wall by “crack stitching” the bricks together. You drill out the mortar at lengths of approximately a metre and put in a piece of special spiral stainless steel which is then filled around with expanding glue after which the lime mortar is replaced.