Chequerboard Banquet Dining Table

Chequerboard Banquet Dining Table
Chequered-Tapered-Leg.jpg Corner-chequerboard.jpg resized-chequer_MG_6620.jpg Top-Chequer-board-or-1.jpg Urn-leg_MG_6676.jpg

A magnificent banquet dining table. It is made from Cherrywood, Oak and Sycamore with cherrywood on the outside borders inlaid with oak and sycamore squares. The base is handcarved in the shape on an urn with carved detailing on the end pedestals.

The finish is a sophisticated layering of colour and texture to create an overall effect of years of gentle use with rich patination and subtle tones.

The example here is 3 metres long by 1.1 metres wide and is shown with two extensions of 600mm each, taking the table to a total of 4.2m length. The table seats 12 with formal seating and fully extends to seat16.

The chequered table can be made with a finer top and tapered legs which works well with contemporary architecture. These can be made in sizes from 1.8 metres.


Hardened Shellac and wax.


2400mm x 1100mm
3000mm x 1100mm
3600mm x 1100mm


Single or double extensions.