Louis Bourbon Banquet Dining Table

Louis Bourbon Banquet Dining Table
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Timber Aged Oak + Walnut

Size 3040 x 1230mm

The rolled scalloped edge top is mitred and pegged with a walnut inlay surrounding the long planks. The base is a hand carved scroll footconnected by a detailed stretcher rail.

A banquet table of baronial intentions.Skilfullly hand carved scroll feet supporting a relief panel shaped pedestal. 60mm thick moulded edge and cornerdetails on the top, which has a mitred and pegged panelled top.This example is made in American Oak, ebonised oak base and inlay walnut border.


  • Aged Oak
  • Aged Cherrywood
  • Aged Walnut


Hardened Polish with wax


Custom made to any size

This example 3040mm x 1230mm